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Experience. Respect. Results.

By working with GR Technologies, you get more than just run-of-the-mill professional expert witness services. We are a full-service Expert Witness Firm offering expertise in many areas. You get a team of experts dedicated to excellence. You get a true partner. We’re waiting for your call.

Reviewing the Law


Guaranteed Success

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  • Patent portfolio analysis. 

  • Patent infringement and validity analysis. 

  • Hardware and software code reverse engineering

  • Hardware soft (x-ray/CT imaging) and hard tear-downs

  • Software extraction out of processors and micro-controllers

  • Electronic testing and measurements of product(s) behavior

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Our experts cover a broad range of technologies:

  • Networking, wireless/wired telecommunications, cellular communications, Optical communication, Signal processing

  • Mobile, Consumer Electronics, and IoT product architecture and system expertise

  • Software, firmware

  • Cameras and optical systems, lenses design

  • AI/Deep Learning/ML

  • Hardware, ASIC, FPGA, semiconductors

  • Radar signal processing, computer vision and image processing, signal processing, algorithms, lidars, sonar, ultrasound, optical

  • Lighting and Display technologies such as: Touch screens, OLED, LCD, EPD, LCD, TFT backplanes, and more

  • Fluid and thermal flow and analysis

  • RF and antenna design

  • Power electronics, batteries, wireless charging

  • Remote and wearable sensors.

  • Medical devices

  • Bio-engineering and bio-chemistry for pharmaceutical drug formulations.

We are a one-stop-shop that can take apart a consumer product, test it electronically in the lab in order to prove infringement (or non-infringement), create claim charts and expert reports, and testify.

We also help prep our clients (usually attorneys) for depositions of the opposing side experts, what questions to ask and how to logically lead the witness to the desired infringing behavior conclusion.


Los Angeles, CA

(209) 222-8685‬

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